Effective In All Aspects Of Marketing

We like to think that we’re pretty strong in all aspects of online marketing and that’s sure to help us with a new client campaign that we’re working on!

Aspect Projects

Aspect Projects are a London based firm specialising in the design, planning and installation of traditional and contemporary glass rooms, conservatories, orangeries and extensions. Using the latest techniques in design they won’t just take your idea and run with it, they’ll show you what it would look like on your home through a 3D visualisation program and give you a proper look at what your Aspect Project will look like when it’s finished.


With over 30 years of knowledge and experience they’ve been operating for a bit longer than us; however, we’re sure we can help them achieve their goals – widening their web presence and acquiring more business through their already fantastic website.

Now Lets Get Down To Business

Since joining us in 2013, Now Education have enjoyed a hefty rise in search engine position and website traffic. All the good stuff that any online business needs!

Due to this success they’ve decided to expand their campaign with us, encompassing two further Now Business Group websites:

Now Careers

Now careers is an expansion of the Skillman Contract Services group, established back in 1992 and now with over 20 years experience in the industry. Specialising in Construction, Accountancy, Mechanical, Electrical and Interim jobs, the Now Careers site is currently undergoing a re-design to streamline job search processes and achieve a more polished look.

Now Careers

Now Careers Aus

Now Careers Australia does what Now Careers do, only down-under! Started in 2002 the Australian Now Careers has evolved to encompass recruitment in government positions, project management, property, consultancy and many more. The Australian site is also undergoing a re-design to remain in line with Now Careers UK.

Brooks Jordan Expand Their Online Presence

Brooks Jordan training services specialise in providing training courses in personal safety and conflict resolution to both businesses and individuals and have asked Teknet to help them make the most of their online presences.

Brooks Jordan


Our aim is to co-operate with the team at Brooks Jordan to bring their website in line with recent Google updates and give them the best possible chance of achieving natural organic search engine rankings.

Having previously worked with businesses that provide training courses to other businesses and that puts us in a great position moving forward.

CASE STUDY: How We Increased One Of Our Clients Leads By 174% In Just 2 Weeks With SEO

SEO Is not rocket science. It’s about telling Google what you’re website is about with content and links.

You may imagine SEO’s as scientists in labs experimenting with the latest algorithms and link building methods.

SEO hasn’t changed that much over the past few years. Google rewards GOOD content and GOOD links. The content and links must also be relevant.

That’s it. 

How we got some quick SEO wins within 2 weeks

We increased one of our clients leads by 174% in just 2 weeks by a combination of some solid link building and simple content adjustments. We needed to reinforce their ‘message’ to Google and the other search engines. It’s a simple case of making sure the content on your website say the words your potential customers are searching for.

We Made Sure Every Title Tag Was Relevant


Your title tags are the most important part of your web page to SEO. Make sure your main keywords are here, but don’t ‘keyword stuff’.

We Added Relevant Words To Their Content

Baby Joy Gifts Go Global

With the ever expanding baby gifts site recently going global and delivering high quality products to as far as Austraila. Baby Joy Gifts are striving to expand their brand even further.


Baby joy gifts has teamed up with Teknet so we can increase  the traffic through their site and expand their brand name much, much further!

The Ebay of Pigeon Auctions

Teknet has recently partnered up with Race Pigeon Auctions. Together we hope to take the UK’s racing pigeon scene by force and deliver a full auction solution for anyone interested in racing pigeons.



Racing pigeons are of course a niche market, however, with the top high quality pigeons there is a market developing throughout the UK, Europe and the world.

Rugs of All Shapes and Sizes

The newest addition to our list of clients is Frith Rugs. With three stores across the UK, the firm is now looking to increase it’s online brand image and develop it’s website and traffic.



We feel that we have a good head-start on this project as we have worked with several other retail companies in the past. The firm offers all sorts of shapes, styles and sizes of rugs that will suit any home, visit their site today to find the rug for your home.