Give yourself a treat at Hillmotts Retreat…

Still having trouble shifting that christmas over indulgence? Want a healthier lifestyle? We can help you with whatever goal your looking at.






Here at Hillmotts Retreat we try to educate you as best as possible with training techniques and nutritional advice so that you can take them away with you to use after leaving the retreat.

With venues in the Cotswolds and Peak District you wont be disapointed with the tranquil surroundings.


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No job too little..





Manor Interiors have furniture packages for all your needs. From supply to fit.
We will order your furniture, collect the keys from you to your property, build and install products, clean up , take photos of the finished room to send to you and then we will return the keys. Making your whole experience with us completely hassel free from start to finish. We can furniture your whole property while you go off to work as normal.


Tel 0161 879 7137


Clearer Thinking……….





Clear Thinking Software are a dedicated software team based in the UK.
We supply Glass Software to suit any companies needs, whether your a small company of a couple employees or a large corporate organisation then we can tailor to your needs.

Our software can start from cutting, bevelling and toughening glass , all the way through to the invoicing stage.



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In2ambition Website Up & Running…

In2ambition are one of the UKs fastest growing Education & Training solutions providers.


Our services include:


  • Independent and Impartial Career Education, Information, Advice and Guidance in schools and colleges (CEIAG)
  • City & Guilds accredited Pre-Apprenticeship Qualifications into schools
  • Work Experience & Employer engagement
  • City & Guilds accredited Teacher Training, Assessor & IQA Qualifications

Check out their website now at

How to Grow Your Online Business with Social Media

If you’re an ambitious entrepreneur and you want to make money online, you need to know that creating and maintaining a range of social media profiles simultaneously will be the key to establishing a network of contacts who may just decide to buy your goods and services!

In order to master the art and science of utilizing social media in order to grow your Web-based business, you’ll need to pay attention to your tone, which should always reflect the image of your brand, and you’ll also need to create a social media marketing plan which hits the target with your ideal customer.

We want to help you learn the ropes, so we’ve compiled a practical guide which is just so easy to understand and use. Our goal is to empower you as an entrepreneur by giving you the ability to leverage social media to its best advantage.

Since social media is free, it’s definitely the preferred method of Web marketing for many budget-conscious entrepreneurs. However, even the richest and most established companies understand its importance and these blue-chip firms use all popular social media platforms in order to engage with new and existing clients via the World Wide Web.

Formulate a Plan of Attack

First, you should forget about social media and just think about your company for a while! It’s vital to create a Web marketing concept which highlights your company’s uniqueness and your company’s strengths, before setting up profiles and launching a social media marketing campaign.

Next, you should apply your marketing concept to the design of all social media profiles.

If you’re starting from scratch, creating a company mission statement may be a great way to build a strong foundation for success…

In addition, you’ll need:

  • Photos and videos to post
  • Information about your company to place in “About Us” areas
  • Links to your company’s official website.

These three elements are all very important! It’s smart to make each social media profile unique in its own way. You may achieve this by setting up a basic Facebook page for your business and then tweaking that information for other social media platforms. This is probably the most sensible way to streamline the process, as you likely understand how Facebook works already.

Each platform has its own features and vibe. For example, Twitter is all about brevity, as posts may not exceed 140 characters. Instagram and Pinterest are feasts for the eyes, as they are photo-sharing websites which cater to those who prefer viewing pictures to wading through a lot of dense text. LinkedIn is all about business connections, YouTube is all about video sharing, and Facebook and Tumblr offer a diverse assortment of options – in this sense, Facebook and Tumblr are truly multi-media and they definitely provide the most flexibility and services to users.

Put Your Social Media Network Together

Once you’ve collected these “pieces” of your prospective social media mosaic, as well as your Facebook “template”, it will be time to assemble the full mosaic. Create one profile at a time and then ask friends, family and colleagues who are currently utilising these platforms (including Facebook, of course!) to become your friends and/or followers.

These existing connections will act as the base for your social media network. It’s wise to ask these friends/followers to showcase your new company on social media, so that their connections will be able to discover what your firm is all about.

In time, you should be able to collect new friends and followers who may buy what you are selling. This snowball effect is really the essence of social media’s awe-inspiring power…and it’s the reason why you should jump on board with social media today!

Lets Go Live………….

New website launch for Property Saviour, the easy way to sell your home fast.

A new client of ours Property Saviour set their website live.
Property Saviour can help you sell your house fast by buying your house from you. They also give free valuations and pay money towards legal costs.
They have been buying houses since 2003 and have helped hundreds of people move on to bigger better things and you could be next…
Take a look….

prop Logo_v2

You Wont Come Unstuck, If You Stick With The Experts!

Print On Labels have many years experience in the labelling industry, making them some what experts in the field. They stock a huge range of labelling equipment and accessories for all your needs. With high quality customer service they are more then happy to give customers free advice on all their products.


We are working closely with Print On Labels to highten their visibilty online and help them achieve more sales.

Organics Strive Towards Organic Search

Organics have always been important, but may have been focused on more in the last few years. Which type of organic am I talking about? Both.

Organic search is a big part of growing any online presence and we’re now working with Yours Truly Organics, a company offering fantastically formulated organic skincare products to help you achieve blemish free, smooth skin.

Their range of products have already proved popular at trade shows and through social and it’s time to take it up a notch, by promoting the site with good optimisation, great content and a little bit of pixie dust and getting the visibility that the products deserve.

Effective In All Aspects Of Marketing

We like to think that we’re pretty strong in all aspects of online marketing and that’s sure to help us with a new client campaign that we’re working on!

Aspect Projects

Aspect Projects are a London based firm specialising in the design, planning and installation of traditional and contemporary glass rooms, conservatories, orangeries and extensions. Using the latest techniques in design they won’t just take your idea and run with it, they’ll show you what it would look like on your home through a 3D visualisation program and give you a proper look at what your Aspect Project will look like when it’s finished.


With over 30 years of knowledge and experience they’ve been operating for a bit longer than us; however, we’re sure we can help them achieve their goals – widening their web presence and acquiring more business through their already fantastic website.